Pittsburgh Panic

The husband thought it would be a great idea to bring me along to Pittsburgh while he and his buddies attend a yugioh tournament. It sounded good in theory: No work, no kids, ample time to discover treasures and experiences in a new place….

But things took a terrible turn. I assumed (I know, I know, never assume) that the hotel would be close to the convention center, I figured I would be able to check in when we got into the city, and I figured I’d be able to shower and change my clothes and go walking around while they did they’re shit. That would have been totally fine, except that’s not at all how things went down.

First of all the hotel is 20 min away via the highway, then, come to find out, check in isn’t until 3pm and we got here at 9:30am, and I had to drop them all off and figure shit out for myself in a large city I know nothing about. I had a panic attack while I was driving and I ended up and a seriously sketchy part of the city. I sat and cried for at least 30 min. Oh, and the best part, when I realized I was getting abandoned I got pissed and emotional (needless to say) and refused to give my husband a kiss, which then made him mad, which made me more mad, which made me cry, so I ended up driving off, crying, scared, emotional, and got myself ridiculously lost. Thank GOD for GPS. Honestly.

I ended up calling my mom, crying to her until I felt better and started thinking clearly, then I decided to come back to the convention center, paid 13 fucking dollars for parking, and now I’m sitting in the lobby, on the floor, writing this, right outside to doors of the area he’s in, like a pathetic fucking loser. I haven’t showered, I feel disgusting after riding in a car full of boys for 12 hours, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got horrid raccoon eyes from remnants of my eyeliner melting from my tears onto my face.

This is NOT how I expected this to go. This is exactly why I don’t get excited about anything. I was trying hard to get excited about this trip, now all I want to do is go home and stay in bed.



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