Please, Stay Home for the Holidays

Quit going out to eat on the holidays. I’m livid right now so I’m going to try my best to be civil. 

People who go out to eat on holidays (a.k.a. Holiday Eaters) are the reason my coworkers and myself aren’t able to spend time with our own families. When you decide your comfort is more important than the human beings who are busting their asses off at their job for you, don’t expect me to give a shit about how I present myself when I’ve got an oven backed up for miles, frustrated managers, and a frazzled waitress. 

We were sorely understaffed tonight and I lost my shit. All I could think of was how I was missing out on seeing fireworks with my kids because there is a demand that “needs” to be met. Demands brought about because of Holiday Eaters. 

If you Holiday Eaters would just stay home then maybe Corporate America would see no profit could be made from staying open and maybe, just maybe, those of us who work these sad jobs can actually be home with our families. 

I recognize that is an unrealistic dream, so how about we (you Holiday Eaters and I) come to an understanding and a compromise; your very presence/phone call puts you on my shit list. I will be polite, but it’s only because it’s my job. I’m not actually happy about serving you. So, what you need to do is have an abundance of patience and be nothing short saintly while you’re being served. I’m talking sweeter than molasses covered in sugar topped with chocolate sprinkles. 

Understand this: YOU are an inconvenience. YOU are the problem. Your demands broke me this evening and I lost my professionalism. Something I’ve always prided myself on. So, I guess my point is this: as long as you remain kind, calm, and patient it will be that much easier for me to serve you as quickly and courteously as possible. 
Please remember that those of us in the service industry are people too. People with families. We are human beings and we are not perfect. Keep that in mind while you’re inconveniencing us. 


What are Your Thoughts? Feelings? Ideas?

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