Tip Your Freaking Servers!!

No, shut up! Just fucking do it. Unless they were completely inept, tip them. Even if it’s not 10 percent, give them something! Something is better than nothing. 

Speaking as a server, I take it so personally when a table doesn’t tip me. I go through every interaction I had with them, then if/when I come to the conclusion that I gave them excellent service I get pissed. It’s a personal insult. Why? My livelihood and that of my children depends upon me keeping my shit together so I can get enough money to be worth my time cleaning up after some of you less-than-desirable customers. 

I’m gonna say this as a reminder or maybe a first time lesson for those who need it: servers make less than minimum wage. Wait what? Yeah, you read that right. Servers depend on your tips to make up for the deficit in pay. 

We remember those who don’t tip. While I’m not one to mess with your food, I will be less likely to wait on you in a timely manner. 

Tip your damn servers! If you can’t afford a tip then you can’t afford to eat out. It’s rude and beyond frustrating. 


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