A Short Story of Motherhood

She got her kids an evening snack consisting of orange slices and grapes (she was quite proud of herself for this). She announced to her children she was going to use the restroom and would be out shortly. 

She closed the door believing she would have two minutes of privacy, but 30 seconds later her three year old son came in saying, “I thought I lost you!”

Exasperated she replied, “Honey, I told you where I would be. Mommy is almost done.”

“Oh,” he seemed to process her words before continuing, “well I need to talk to you.” He sat down and looked up at her expectantly. 

The exhausted mother then tried her best to help the toddler through his concerns with why grapes taste “grapey” and why his sisters orange had one more slice in it than his, all while trying to complete the process of answering nature’s call. 

Privacy is a myth mothers everywhere want to believe exists, but no solid proof has ever been found. 

The end. 


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