An Open Letter to My Grandmother-In-Law

Shame on you! I hope you never find yourself in need of our help because you have screwed yourself out of any decency I had left for you. My family depended on you for help, not because we wanted it, but because we needed it. Do you understand the difference? My family never ever wanted to have to stay in your tiny, one bedroom house, but we had nowhere else to go. That didn’t stop you from kicking us out. All because you couldn’t be an adult and put your differences aside and keep your mouth shut. No, you had to push ever button of mine until I snapped. I did everything in my power to appease you, but I could have turned your house to gold and shit diamonds and you still wouldn’t be happy with me. 

You knew we didn’t have a place for our dog and you said she was welcome. Now you’re taking her to the pound?! And you don’t even have the decency to call us? Shame on you, old woman! We are so close to getting our own place and you go and do this to us. We never wanted to depend on you and now I’d rather starve than ask you for anything ever again. You are as cruel and heartless as they come. Way to kick your own family while we’re down. 

You have never done anything out of the goodness of your heart. Anything “nice” you’ve ever done was a strategy for your own agenda. You enjoy holding the things you’ve done over the heads of those you “helped” and you are too much of a coward to admit it. 

Don’t expect to see my kids any time soon. I will fight my husband to the death to keep them from you. You have zero rights to them. You’ve always had zero rights to them. It would suit you well to remember that. 

Live miserably in your house. You’ve always said you’d die alone and you are the only one making that dream come true. 


The Wrong Woman to Piss Off