I hate my life; I do have people and things I love too much to let go. 

I hate my body; I have learned many ways in which I love myself and will continue to find more and improve myself for the better.  

I feel unheard; I will make my actions speak louder than the roar of a thousand lions. 

I feel worthless; I am worth so much more to my family, to my children, alive than dead. 

I feel ashamed of my past and my dark thoughts; no one is perfect and my story has made a huge turnaround from then till now and it can become better still. 

Life is pushing me down; I will push back harder. 

I Could have ended my story; I chose to keep writing. 


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  1. That’s what I like to see! Seeing the positivity in a desolate frame of mind can get you through anything. And as I’ve said before… You have an escape here. Love you and your family. I can see the light at the end of your tunnel, you just have to keep going to get there.

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