The Lioness

A lioness has been showing up in my dreams a lot lately. Sometimes as a nightmare, sometimes as a peaceful dream. She’s often in the background until the very end when she either murders me or nurtures me. 

I wonder what she’s trying to tell me. It’s something conflicting I’m sure. 

One time she ate me alive. I was weak and helpless and she plopped down at my side and began eating. I did nothing to stop her. I could do nothing to stop her. I just watched her and I swear she was crying. It’s really weird watching yourself being eaten, even if it is “only a dream.” 

Another time she rescued me from a large, male lion. He was a massive beast and I was offered to him by an unknown group of people who wanted to see me eaten for their enjoyment. He went straight for my throat. I fought so hard, but he sunk his teeth in me. I began acting like I lioness myself, hissing, growling, and clawing at him, but nothing worked until she ran out and saved me. She fought him off and at first he refused to let go, but she was relentless. Finally he let go and I sank my teeth into the bridge of his nose. He stared at me. We stared for a long time, but he finally moved into the shadows. My lioness licked my wounds and would let no other come to me. 

I’m positive it’s the same lioness each time. It’s a feeling I get. A feeling of familiarity. I love her. Even in the nightmares where she murders me, I love her. I’m terrified of her and in admiration of her power, but I don’t hate her. I don’t feel anything negative toward her. 

I wish I knew what she was trying to tell me. 



What are Your Thoughts? Feelings? Ideas?

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