Mommy vs Spider: A Brief, Terrifying Encounter

Yesterday my husband and I stopped to get much needed gas for our car. He pulled up to the pumps and asked me to pump the gas while he goes inside to get a drink. Sure thing. 

I walk around the car and as I approach the pump, to my utter horror, I see a very large, very alien looking spider. I let out a little shriek as I call for my husband. He comes over to inspect and jokingly says, “Awe, it’s just a little guy.” 

Infuriated I correct him. He blows on it to provoke some movement and it stretches it’s legs making it three times larger than how it looked when it was neatly tucked into itself. I cover my eyes and scream, “Are you crazy?! Don’t do that!!” He laughed and told me it wasn’t going to get me. He assured me it wouldn’t move. 

I collected myself, dusted my dignity off, and proceeded to try and pay at the pump. I inch closer, trying to completely ignore the creature. I step between the pump and the car and something brushes against my arm and I threw my dignity into the dirt and went batshit crazy. I ran away like a little kid, screaming, “Nope! Nope, nope, nope! Can’t do it! Sorry, Babe. I can’t.” He chuckled and gave me the keys so I could move the car to another pump. 

Not long after I moved, another car went to the pump with the extra feature and he didn’t bat an eye. Damn you dude who’s capable of rational thinking. He didn’t let it phase him, but that thing that’s hundreds of times smaller than me sent me running. Ugh. 

I filled the car up and left my dignity where I threw it. 


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