My Life Could TOTALLY be a SitCom

Put a few catchy jingles in, an applause and laugh tack and BOOM! We have a new hit SitCom! 

I never realized it until my husband showed me a clip of Mike & Molly and Mike’s mother, Peggy, came on set and it was like staring at a nicer version of my grandmonster-in-law. My God people, if you can laugh at that, I’m sitting on comedy gold!

This shit really is all about perspective. Think about it, if when she says or does something to piss me off and I start laughing like a lunatic, that’s more than likely going to piss her off, but I’ll be laughing. 

My laughing would not be done with the intent to piss her off (my fake laughs are horrible) it would be a genuine laugh because the shit is so asinine it’s gotta be scripted, right?

I have a few recorded arguments with her and I’m going to type it out and see just what kind of script I’m really holding. Right now I’m living in a soap opera. Full of drama, gossip, and scandals. If I can have a say, I’d much rather live in a sitcom. Laughter has been proven to improve one’s health and state of mind after all. 

Prepare yourselves for the next best thing to hit your screen:

Grandmonster vs. Momster


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