Women Unite! No, For Real…

Fret not ladies and gentlemen, this is not a feminazi post. We should all be united, but as I am not a man I can not speak in terms of men. I only know life as a woman and (usually) I enjoy it most days of the month. 

That being said, it’s rough being a woman in this world. I’m not beautiful like a magazine model, I’m not fit, I don’t wear the latest fashions, and quite honestly my preferred style makes others cringe or laugh at me. I’ve been told it’s fit for Halloween, but I shouldn’t try to pull it off any other time of year. 

Most of the criticisms I receive come from other women. Mostly older women because I don’t fall in line with what they view as appropriate, beautiful, or modest. So much time is waisted testing each other down. 

That woman you call a slut, maybe she’s just confident in her body and self worth and enjoys having sex. It’s her life, it’s not your job to decide for her how much sex she should or should not be having. 

That “terrible” mother feeding her kids McDonald’s, at least she’s feeding them something. Maybe she chose to give them a freaking happy meal because she was tired of fighting them to eat their veggies. Maybe she just didn’t want to clean up the mess after their tantrums for just one meal (or two or three). You’re not the ones dealing with her children or her daily struggles so just back off. 

That girl you call a nerd because she’s more interested in books than a social life, maybe those books are her only escape from the Hell she lives through at home. Maybe she’s more interested in expanding her mind rather than keeping up with the Kardashoans and the latest gossip. What she’s doing has no effect on you. 

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. We all have our quirks, our faults, our sins, and our secrets. We all have stories we can learn from and use to help one another. Embrace the differences. Let her live her life. If it has no direct effect on you, leave her be. Be kind to her. Show her compassion and respect. Stop the cattiness. I don’t care who’s younger, older, wiser, educated, prettier, etc. respect each other. Respect yourselves. Build each other up. 

Live. Love. Learn. 


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