Roller Coaster

Yesterday was such a good day. We dropped my daughter off at school, I dropped my husband off to donate plasma then took my sons to the other grandparents house where my oldest son played puzzles with his great grandma and I played on the floor with my youngest. 

I then gathered my boys up a couple hours later and we picked daddy up from the plasma place, we grabbed some lunch, then went back to the grandmother we’re staying with, laid the baby down for a nap, then went across the street with our older son and helped trim trees. 

After about an hour I had to get in the shower and ready for work. Unfortunately his grandmother had the dishwasher going (not allowed to run two appliances at once [ex. Dishwasher and shower can’t run at the same time, shower and washer can’t run at the same time, etc.]) so I had to drive across town to the other grandparents just to shower. I forgot almost everything I needed for my after shower routine because I was extremely irritated so I had to drive back and finish getting ready at the first grandmother’s house. Grr. 

I work with my sister-in-law and we were on the same shift so she gave me a ride to work. I spent my entire four hour shift in the FREEZING office completing elearning stuff. Good times were had though. It was a good shift and afterwards we sat around and had pizza (I should probably have mentioned I work at Pizza Hut). 

As I was laying in bed I went over how it was a great day overall. It’s the first time within memory I can actually say I had a great day despite some of the things that didn’t go right. 

Today is off to a bit of a rough start, but I’m actually hopeful it wi still be a good day. 


What are Your Thoughts? Feelings? Ideas?

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