Dangers of Items in A Hot Car

Something I have never even thought of. Be careful in this hot weather!


Parents who have young children or babies, are always cautious of not leaving anyone with two legs or four paws in a hot car. Recently in the media we have heard stories of parents leaving young children and babies in hot cars, but what we are not cautioned about is the items and the hot car seat that are in the car- heating just like a child. Since 2010, the number of deaths of children being left in a hot car has risen dangerously high. For all of modern technology and safety features a quick run into a grocery store can be fatal if you leave pets or children in a car unattended. Hear is my story of the dangers of a hot car, particularly our son Edwin’s car seat.

A week ago, July 23, 2015 my 10 month old Edwin and I were running to get our baby sitters…

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