Apologies & Explainations 

I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up on the blogs of others. I would love nothing more than to have the time to read through my feed and like/comment/reblog your posts, but I barely have the time to write my own blogs. This alone has taken me two days at this point to write because I’ve had to keep putting my phone down to go about daily business. And then I forget I still haven’t finished it :/

I’m sorry I haven’t followed many of your blogs. I appreciate every follower I have and I mean no disrespect to you all, but I don’t follow back just to follow back. I will follow you if I have enjoyed your writings as much as you’ve (hopefully) enjoyed mine. In order for me to find out if I enjoy your blog I have to read it and, as I stated above, I barely have time to keep up with my own. 

As for my more recent posts, they’ve been rather dark because of my current life situation and this is my most comfortable and accessible outlet. Writing is what helps me cope. It helps me process. It puts me into the out (if you’ve seen the movie Home you’ll understand that) and I’m able to look at my situation from the outside rather than in. 

Yes, recently I’ve been struggling with suicidal thoughts and urges to self harm and even urges to run away and abandon everyone and everything, but I do get over these dark feelings…by writing about them. Why do I do it out in the open? So maybe someone out there who’s feeling alone in their own chaos may happen upon one of my writings and realize they are not alone. We all have demons to fight and crosses to bear. And I welcome anyone to reach out to me and talk. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger than to someone you see every day. 

So, to wrap this up, one day I will be a better, more attentive blogger, but bear with me because that day is not gonna be in the near future. 


2 thoughts on “Apologies & Explainations 

  1. LOVE your writing! I feel like I’m right there, in it with you when I read your blogs. Living precariously through your sentences. Thank you. Your message helps me fight my own demons. Helps me look and relate to my own situations. Keep doing you girly. 🙂 And we’ll keep reading.

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