Mornings Are NOT My Forte

This morning I awoke groggy as ever. My husband said the dog had an accident on the carpet and he wasn’t able to clean it because he was running late for work, but he had let the dog outside. I get up and make my way down the hallway when I realize I’m wearing nothing but a pair of lacy booty shorts. Ugh, well the kids are still asleep and no one else is around so whatever. I continue on.

I find the dog’s mess and clean it up then I let her back in and put her in her kennel then make my way back to my room to get dressed and ready for the day. Eyes are barely open and I’m walking by memory when suddenly a searing pain spreads through my second toe and I’m falling towards a wall. I manage to catch myself before my face slams into the wall, but as I put my foot down harshly on the floor more searing pain hits. I stumble, half naked, to my room and flop on my bead, moaning in agony into my pillow. As my vision clears I inspect my toe and it’s already started to become discolored and swollen. I hobble out of my door to see what I just stumbled on and it’s a damn suitcase we’re going to use for our move.

I am simply useless in the mornings without my coffee. Now I get to work on getting my house ready for a small gathering I’m having as Hobbles McGee.


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