Hope is a Dangerous Thing

Once you start hoping you open yourself up to devastation. It doesn’t always end that way, but it rarely goes as perfectly as you hope. There’s almost always some level of disappointment. 

Then there’s the total devastation. The higher your hopes get, the harder they fall. No matter how many times my hopes get shot down, I still end up getting my hopes up again. How am I not a bitter person? How am I not cold and heartless? 

How am I still here?

I’m so tired of living in this world. I’m so sick of the cruelties and disappointments. Sick of everything being so damn complicated. The joy is too short lived and the agony is too drawn out. I spend more time in my own fantasies than I do living my life. 

I feel so empty and I’m just sick of it. 


4 thoughts on “Hope is a Dangerous Thing

  1. Happiness of all sorts is a dangerous thing. There are many downsides. It is more likely that there will be bad than good.

    I have had to live by the motto, “there is more suffering in the world so you can appreciate the wonderful moments in life.”

    Unfortunately, humans tend to focus on pain. Happiness is typically a state of mind, whereas pain, is a physical and a very real feeling that can do lasting damage. This is why we tend to focus on pain.

    This is why hope, happiness, etc, are all dangerous. Because people try their whole lives to feel that “happy” again. It’s actually a drug. Your serotonin levels sky rocket, that state of euphoria, that’s all created. Rarely duplicated.

    Pain is constant. You can inevitably predict how bad things will make you be. Once you’ve felt that state of euphoria, it is not logical to be able to duplicate, like you say, your expectations become too high and you will have that level of disappointment because you can not regain what’s already gone.

    There is a solution.

    Welcome change. Embrace it. Live for the moment. And make everything you do meaningful. Don’t try to regain feelings or situations you had in the past. Learn from what worked or didn’t and move forward. Don’t dwell on your fears of what “was” or what “could be.” Take life one moment at a time. If your actions don’t directly have a sure impact on your future, than be content with the present.

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