The Desolate Road of Divorce

I wish I could fade away. Let it be as though I never existed. The pain I’m causing those around me is worthy of the inner most circles of Hell. 

I pray that one day everyone I love will understand that I made this decision not to cause pain, but to give them a better life. A life I would never be able to give them on my own. A life I’d never be able to build while staying with them. 

The path I have chosen is far from easy. It is dark and twisty. Filled with terror, heartache, and loneliness. But it is my path. It is going to make or break me and, well, I’m already broken so how much more broken could I get? 

In stories the hero always feels the need to go off alone, but in the end they are not left alone. Well, my story is not of a hero, but of a villain. I am the villain and villains are left alone and to their own devices. I am not bad or evil, just misunderstood. I hope to rise up from the depths and shine with a light that will help heal any wounds I have caused. 

That is the ending I see. I hope that’s the ending that will come to be. 


What are Your Thoughts? Feelings? Ideas?

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