Simply Fed Up

During my hospital stay I met a number of wonderful people and we have a pretty solid support group with each other. We all have our own demons we’re dealing with, our own dark passengers, but we were able to share our secrets and become so much closer because of the mutual trust, respect, and non judgemental attitudes we all have. 

Unfortunately there are others out there who are not so kind. 

One of my female friends, we’ll call her  Sarah, has a husband and two children. She is a wonderfully sweet woman with so much love in her heart for everyone around her. She goes to church every Sunday and she spreads her love for God in a subtle manner, but it really sticks with you. She does her best to be the best person she can be and she is one of the first people to step up and help a person in need. One of those persons happens to be a male friend we made inside the hospital. We’ll call him Rodger. 

Rodger has a rather rough past and one of his struggles is drug addiction. He has a pretty sever medical problem that causes him constant pain so he’s been prescribed narcotics to help him manage it. He is very set on never turning to illegal drugs again and is in an aftercare program to help him overcome his addiction. He is a very kind hearted man and he too is quick to help a person in need. He is very self conscious and insecure, but he is a good man at his core. 

Sarah was discharged about two weeks before Rodger and we learned that he had been kicked out of his apartment and had no where to go. Sarah opened up her home to him telling him he could stay until he could get back on his feet. He collects disability so he basically just needed to  collect a few checks so he could get a car and a place. He didn’t want to impose so he has done everything asked of him and been a very good roommate. Not once has he ever acted violently or threatening in any way. He’s been going to church with Sarah and on Easter my family and I went and had dinner at her house. 


This is Rodger with my youngest son. Nothing about him makes me fear for my children’s safety yet people from Sarah’s church have threatened to call DCF on her for endangering her children if she doesn’t kick him out of her home. She is now feeling as though she is a terrible person who’s broken her promise to a dear friend because hypocritical, judgemental jerks from church can’t even be bothered to get to know him before they judge him for his sins. Sins which he is working phenomenally hard to overcome and never repeat again. 

I am simply fed up with people assuming the worst about other people because of some bad choices they’ve made in the past. As if none of them have ever sinned. 



3 thoughts on “Simply Fed Up

  1. Reblogged this on Marilyn Munrow and commented:
    I do see both sides of this argument, but i do believe that every person has the right to be given a second chance. This young man is obviously trying very hard to turn over a new leaf and i applaud you for giving him this chance he so deserves. WEll done sugar.


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