Internet Responsibly People

The internet is a wonderful thing. Or at least it can be if you use it responsibly. It’s so sad to see so many fools misusing it.

A couple days ago someone added me to their Snapchat. I added them back and there we sat. He added some stories and it was captioned with (I’m assuming) Arabic or some language similar. I love seeing things like that from other countries. The next day I received a message from this individual. He was lifting up his shirt to so me he was wearing an undershirt I guess because that’s all I saw was a black, skin tight undershirt and that he was skinny. Oh, maybe that’s what he was trying to show me, that he was a man in good shape. I decided to respond with a picture of my own:

My Wedding Ring!
My Wedding Ring!

You know, just to make it clear I’m not on Snapchat for some skanky photo sharing. His next message was just so romantic and it’s something every lady loves to hear, “I want to see your pussy” Such poetry. I was so moved by his words I decided to block him for fear I might fall in love.

Seriously though, I’m not in the mood for such shit. I added him because I assumed he was someone who follows me on here (and if this person is a follower of mine: Shame on you) that’s the only reason I added him. I love to connect with people, especially those in other countries. I love to share photos of new places and experiences and to find out the many ways your culture is different from mine, but what I do not like is being put in a raunchy situation.

The internet and social media have made making connections ridiculously easy on a global scale and it is our responsibility to use it properly.


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