applesauce and chicken wings

The title above was written by my husband as I sat in the bathroom with our two year old waiting for him to go potty in the big boy potty. I grabbed my laptop after a few minutes figuring while I sat, waiting for something to happen with my potty-training two year old, I could blog.

My husband is a very unique and random soul. At times he seems wiser far beyond his years, and then it seems as if he is a little, mischievous boy inside a man’s body. Honestly, I think this is his way of trying to get my creative juices flowing. He see’s all the opened and incomplete documents on my laptop and has seen me sit in front of it struggling to find words to say that accurately describe what I feel inside my head, heart, and soul.


Applesauce and chicken wings. An interesting combination. Applesauce is sweet with a mild tang to it. It’s mellow and versatile. It can be eaten with any and every meal. It can be a snack and/or dessert. Chicken wings are pretty versatile too. They can be sweet, sour, tangy, zesty, spicy, extra messy, and so on. They can be dipped in sauce or eaten as is. They are more of a lunch or dinner meal though.

My husband and I are a lot like applesauce and chicken wings. My husband being the mellow, versatile, anytime anywhere applesauce and myself being the sweet, sour, zesty, tangy, spicy, messy, doesnt-do-well-before-lunch, take me as I am, better yet dip me in some accentuating dressing, chicken wings.


My husband is consistent. Day to day there are subtle differences just as everyone has a different way of making applesauce, but it’s pretty consistently made with the core ingredients being cinnamon, sugar, and (of course) apples. He’s sweet, but not overpoweringly so. He’s got some spice in him, but not overpoweringly so. Get what I’m saying here? He doesn’t really stand out, but he could be the main attraction if he wanted to.


I am often erratic. My flavor changes daily and sometimes hourly. I can be too hot to handle, too sweet, too messy, etc. I like to dress myself with outlandish attire and/or accessories or sometimes I will just go bland and mellow with a dash of flavor. I do not do well before my morning coffee. Really, breakfast is just not the time of day for me. Lunch I’m alright, but by dinner that’s when I like to start my day.

This is why my husband and I work. On the days I’m just too spicy or tangy, he’s there to mellow it out. On the days I’m just bland and boring, he’s there to add some more flavor. And on the days when I’m not too much or too little, we are a wonderful and flavorful combination. He brings things back to balance and calms my chaos down.

Well look at that. He got me to relate my life to applesauce and chicken wings by just writing the title and leaving my to my own devices. How do ya like them apples?

id I mention we are also kid friendly?


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