My Super Smart Moment -___-


Yesterday I had to run to the store to get some ingredients for my daughter’s birthday cake (ya know, eggs, milk, frosting and cake mix). Normally when I go to the store I park near the second exit because that’s where they have their dairy products and bread (my most shopped for items), but I decided to be smart and park near their first exit because that’s where the “12 items or less” registers are. Thinking ahead.

My daughter wants a blue cake with blue frosting so I looked to see if they had pre-made cakes that would fit her standard. They didn’t. So I looked in the baking isle to find a white cake and vanilla frosting thinking I would just add some food coloring to it. Well to my surprise they had some vibrant blue cake mix and frosting!

IMG_3713-1     FullSizeRender-17

So I’m now patting myself on the back for being so awesome for finding this stuff, I go checkout in the “12 items or less” register and I leave through the exit. The second exit. I go to the spot where I’m sure my car should be and I don’t see it. I click the panic button on my car key. Nothing. Panic is rapidly setting in because there are important documents in that car. I’m walking around with two bags of groceries, slipping around on ice, and terrified of the possibility that I got our car stolen. Not sure what to do at this point I’m torn between calling the police first or my sleeping husband first. I decide to call my husband as I walk towards the first exit clicking the buttons (now just a mindless muscle movement). As he sleepily answers the phone and I begin to tell him I can’t find our car I hear my car’s horn go off. I look up and over and there is the ass of my car, taunting me.

Overcome with relief for finding my car, embarrassment for losing it in the first place, and regret for calling my sleeping husband for nothing, I sheepishly climb into the car and thank God it was not stolen. It was quite the adventurous day…

*Fun Fact: I wrote 3/4 of this blog blind. My glasses decided to break mid-blogging and I’ve been typing blind lol. My eyesight is absolutely horrible without the aid of glasses. I went a good portion of my life not wearing them so I know how to function without them, but I can’t read a thing unless it’s written in mega huge font lol. This is going to be a fun day. Thank goodness for autocorrect!


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