Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, OH MY!

Yes, I have them all. I’m not really proud of myself for having them all either lol. I guess this is what happens when you delete your Facebook account.


Snapchat- Honestly I do not see the point to this app other than making yourself feel old and stupid (if you’re an 80s baby like me). So far I have my best friend and my sister as my friends on there and I’m stalk….er…following Matthew Santoro, one of my top favorite YouTubers. It’s fun being goofy with my bestie and seester and it’s nice knowing that your pics won’t last forever (unless of course they’re ready to take a screen shot) and it won’t automatically save every photo or video you take to your camera roll.

Ya know, in case you’re interested


Tumblr- I created this account a while back I think, but forgot about it until OM made a HILARIOUS post on there and I just HAD to give it a “like” or “heart” or whatever the hell they call it there. Tumblr, in my opinion of course, is confusing at best, but it’s fun to make it my own way I suppose. I’m really stupid when it comes to these newer social media sites though. I think I’m still stuck in the Myspace/Facebook-is-all-I’ve-really-known rut. I look forward to getting to know this site more.



Twitter- This is one of the first social media sites I got (after Facebook of course) and I never saw much of a point to it. It irritated me because it seemed like just a bunch of status updates, but you’re very limited with how much you can write. Short hand is crucial for this site…. and I hate using short hand. People who don’t have iPhones get irritated with my texts because they go over the 160 character limits a LOT of the time mainly because I hate using short hand (other than lol [and the like], wtf, and omg). Also, I would like to point out, I mainly got a Twitter account to stalk…dammit I mean follow Zak Bagans, the hottie-too-naughty ghost hunter, Rob Dyke, yet another one of my favorite YouTubers, and Matthew Santoro. The things I’ll do for these guys lol. I’ve gotten to know this site a little more though and the more I use it, the more I actually like it. The character limit is still annoying though.

Elcie Mishay

It is pretty fun once you actually start using these sites more often. And it becomes even more fun when you get to interact with the people you’re stalking. Eff it, may as well just call it like it is.


6 thoughts on “Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, OH MY!

      1. I agree entirely 🙂 I tried for a while (256 limit), but was bored with it after a while. I tried to tackle somet houghts about social media and the web in an article on my blog actually, and came to a multitiude of conclusions. The common theme was that social media is actually quite divisive in nature and effect.

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