Being a Military Man’s Wife

Being the wife of an active duty (enlisted) military man means sacrificing birthday plans.

It means shoveling snow by yourself so your three young children can play in the snow like you promised them the day before.

It means crying as silently as you can, by yourself, until you can face the shit you have to do so your family stays happy.


Being the wife of a military man means putting his duty as a service member before your children and yourself regardless of the fact that it greatly conflicts with your personal values and beliefs.

Your husband is not a person. He is a tool. My fellow military spouses know this is not true, service members are in fact people to us, but not in the eyes of the government. Nor in the eyes of the civilians who can’t see far enough past their own fricken noses to realize that their selfish actions can (and often do) directly affect other human beings around them.

Being the wife of a military man means holding your damn tongue so you don’t get your husband in trouble even though what’s happening is cruel and unfair.


It means taking things with as much grace as you can muster even though you want nothing more than to bust someone’s face in.

It means lonely nights.
Long, exhausting days.
Moments of intense anger. Sorrow. Worry. Fear. Hate. And more.

Being a military man’s wife will either make or break your relationship.

I will not be broken.




7 thoughts on “Being a Military Man’s Wife

    1. Amen to that. Most people don’t have a clue to the way our enlisted military members are treated by their own kind and by many civilians who are against war. Many enlisted are against war too, but they love their country enough to sacrifice their personal freedoms so the rest of the country doesn’t have to.

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    1. When I said yes I knew what I was getting into. I’m a prior service member myself so I know very well what goes on behind closed doors. It doesn’t make it any easier to deal with, but it makes me appreciate the little time I do have with him that much more.


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