Good Morning, Happy Birthday, Here’s A Shovel

Happy Birthday to me! I got woken up by my husband this morning at roughly 0615 because he needed my help shoveling snow. He got stuck coming into our driveway.


He started shoveling and got the part closest to the garage door. It was (and currently still is) super windy out there. I layered up and had a face mask, but as I was shoveling it felt like my right eyeball was starting to freeze. Have you ever had a brainfreeze from drinking a slushy too fast and you get that pain right behind your eyeballs? Yeah, that’s what it felt like.

We got it done relatively quickly and had quite a few laughs while doing it. Surprisingly I didn’t slip. Not even once. I did, however, trip over the snow. I know, I’m not quite sure how that’s possible either, but it happened. I’m just that skilled.

Another funny moment; my dog loves the snow and she wanted to go outside and play, but she wasn’t anticipating to see snow roughly three feet deep. We encouraged her to go out (she had to go potty) and we cheered her on and she looked at us like we were insane. Needless to say, she didn’t go outside lol. I had to shovel a small pathway for her to feel comfortable going outside just to take care of business.

I also saw an animal that may be the toughest little critter ever:


I’ve never seen a bird in this weather before. I tried (with absolutely no success) to coax the little guy inside because I thought he was suffering, but soon I saw a little buddy of his and that they were, in fact, not suffering. They were picking at those plants sticking out of the snow and doing just fine. Tough little critters.

Anywho, that’s how I started my day. Super fun. Glorious start. I tell you what, shoveling snow wakes you up more than coffee ever could lol.


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