My Coloring Book

Yes. I have a coloring book. I bought it a while back so I can practice coloring my artworks. I can make some pretty good works with pencil, but when it comes to adding color I suck.

ee? Not so good.

This was my first attempt. I kinda cheated because I picked sheep. The sheep look pretty good, but everything else looks like it was colored in by a grade schooler. And I did nothing with the cloud. Ugh.

etter, but still needs work.

This one is a little better. My main problem is I grow tired of the tedious task of meticulously coloring all that empty space in, so I just scribble it out to get it done.

IMG_3486     IMG_3487

I’m rather proud of these two. The blending could have been a bit better and I could have taken more time to shade, but they’re looking pretty good.

All these were done some months ago. I lost the book and forgot all about it until we found it recently as we were packing.

IMG_3485     IMG_3484

Clouds. I keep forgetting to do something with those damn clouds, but I’m starting to get the hang of this coloring thing I think.

Then my daughter makes a request….

IMG_3482     IMG_3489

I had plans on making this look as realistic as possible. I had already finished the mountains, trees, and grass when my daughter came bouncing to me and saw what I was doing. She requested that I color the first horse blue and when I told her no she became instantly deflated. This broke my heart and I thought to myself I’d still be practicing with color. I’m no where near skilled enough yet to really make it realistic. Colored ponies is not the end of the world. So here we are. She picked the color for the rocks and both the ponies’ body and hair colors.

I’m particularly proud of the green horse’s muzzle. I used two different green and I think I did a rather good job at blending them. I’m starting to get the hang of this, me thinks.


12 thoughts on “My Coloring Book

  1. Fab idea. Drawing and creating is an immense art but every part of the art journey needs to be perfected to create the master piece. Sometimes we need to dissect a trait to tune it and perfect it. Amazing visual journey 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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