Remembering Robin Williams

While working in the office I like to watch YouTube videos to help me stay sane. I start off with my usual YouTubers (Rob Dyke, Matthew Santoro, The Game Theorist, etc.) and I end up watching random videos that were on the side bar and caught my interest.

Well today’s journey led me to Robin Williams. Of all the celebrity deaths I’ve heard in my lifetime, this one hit me the hardest. I think that’s true for most people. It’s hard to imagine a person who brought so much joy to so many people as being so sad to the point where they could no longer deal with their inner turmoil. I watched his visit with Koko the gorilla and how he helped her in her time of grief and I watched when she was told of Robin’s death. Her sorrow was palpable.

I want to go on a Robin Williams movie binge. I especially love Bicentennial Man and What Dreams May Come. I wanted to meet him one day. It was a dream of mine. It was also the dream of my husband’s. It’s hard to accept the fact that he is gone when there are so many movies and shows with him lighting up the screen. He, even in his sorrow and despair, beyond his mortality, brings joy to the masses. In a way he has achieved immortality.

As I write this tears are beginning to escape my eyes. My heart aches and I wish I could reach out to his soul and comfort him. I only hope he is in a place where he is not suffering. I feel silly crying over someone I never truly knew, but I can’t help it. He was so unique. I’m pretty sure God broke the mold with him.

I know it may seem pointless to write about it now since there has been some time since his passing, but I never let my emotions out on the subject, not even on Facebook other than the memes and memorial things being passed around. His death hit me rather hard and I honestly can’t pinpoint exactly why beyond the sadness of the situation.

Robin, I hope you have found peace and suffer no more.


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