Happy 1st Birthday Littlest!

One year ago today I gave birth to my second son. He earned the nickname “Rocket” because I was admitted just after 0700 and he was born 0808 at 8lbs 8oz. The doctor didn’t make it to the room in time to deliver him, the only people in the room (besides myself of course) were my husband and the main nurse. She was calling and calling for someone, anyone to come, but no one was able to make it in time. The doctor rushed in maybe 45 seconds too late haha.

I spent a majority of my pregnancy miserable, but the moment I held him and he nuzzled into my chest all of that went away and I fell instantly in love. He barely cried. He has been the most laid back of all my children.

Watching him grow and learn has been such a joy and I’m glad I was able to quit my job to stay home. He tries so hard to keep up with his big brother and sister and they do very well playing with him. He has started walking, he’s no expert, but he works at it every day.

He is a cuddle bug and nestles into me so perfectly. It’s like he was molded to fit perfectly close to me. He has been a gift and a reminder that just because things don’t go the way you plan doesn’t mean wonderful things can’t happen.

This is a special birthday for me because my birthday is on the 27th and I will be 27. Because my husband works third shift and he has Tuesdays and Wednesdays off we’ve decided to celebrate both Littlest’s my my birthdays on Tuesday. I love that his first birthday will be shared on my birthday. I am so excited to watch him grow and run and play with his siblings.

Happy Birthday Littlest!


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