A Learning Process

Freshly showered (finally), I don’t feel nearly as sore as I did yesterday or the day before, but I’m still dizzy and lightheaded. I haven’t even taken any medication today. So that’s a bit weird. Husband has been doing a good job making up for dragging me through a grocery store less than 24 hours after my surgery. We did take a trip yesterday an hour away from home so he could pick up some cards and such, but I wasn’t feeling as bad yesterday so I was relatively ok with it.

Regardless, after practically screaming at him the other day, we resolved the issue. He comes from a family made up of beasts. And I honestly mean that in a very respectful way. These people don’t let anything stop them from what needs to be done. His grandmother had breast cancer, was going through chemo, and still made homemade meals, moved her furniture around, and only needed help driving to doctor appointments. She didn’t let cancer slow her down a bit. His dad is always working, I think he only gets a few, non consecutive hours of sleep, but he continues to go, go, go. My husband has been on an injured foot for the better part of a year and he has continued to do the things he needs to do.

I am not like these people. I can not keep going despite my injuries. I need time to rest, relax, and recover. I’m not dependant on medication to make me feel better, but I do use it when I feel I need it. I don’t like to risk pushing myself too far. I listen to what the doctors advise me to do/not to do. He doesn’t seem to understand that concept too well. He is lacking in empathy so I have to constantly remind him if I’m hurting and such. I don’t like to do that because I feel like I’m being a whiney baby about it. I don’t like feeling like I’m constantly complaining.

He has been a great help around here though. It’s been very nice having him home, now if only he could keep his restless self at home the whole day, that would be fantastic lol.


What are Your Thoughts? Feelings? Ideas?

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