WordPress shutting Down Accounts?

What is the purpose of shutting down/suspending accounts? This makes absolutely no sense to me :/

A Momma's View

There are two accounts I know of which have been shut down over the last couple of hours by WordPress because apparently they have too many followers and because they comment and like and blog a lot… Now I wonder if there is an official explanation for it. What does that mean? Are we not allowed to post when we like to and what we like to? Are we only allowed to get a certain amount of followers? Are we not supposed to communicate with the bloggers we follow and who follow us?

Now please, understand me right: This is not a critique. This is not an accusation. This is a question! All I want is to understand why those bloggers got shut down. I would like to know what the official statement is and if there are rules we are obviously not aware of… Maybe someone can point me…

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