I’m Alive! But There’s No Rest for the Weary

So I made it through surgery. Feel like I got run over by a small train, but other than that I’m ok.

This morning was a trying one. Woke up to Littlest coughing and sounding like he was going to throw up. He was very pale and limp with a light blue tint to his lips. It sounded like he was wheezing too. This is the third time this has happened. First when he was about 3 or 4 months old, again when he was 6 months, and now today just a couple weeks shy of being 1. They drew blood and did a lead panel. Every thing but the lead came back fine, we’re still waiting for results on the lead panel.

It’s so scary when he does this and even scarier because no one has an answer. They’ve sent us home with instructions to make a follow up appointment with his pediatrician and to get him a humidifier.

I feel like there’s more that should/could be done, but no one seems to be as concerned as I am. I’m still feeling the effects of the anesthesia and drugs from yesterday so my head is pretty cloudy and I feel out of control almost. So I feel panicked when I’m not in control of even own body (and thank you auto correct because I’ve misspell a ton of words already).

Well time to go on with our day I suppose. More to come later I’m sure.


What are Your Thoughts? Feelings? Ideas?

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