Surgery Day

Last night was… well, I’m not quite sure how to explain it. It seems the only one who got any real sleep was Littlest. Sissy and Bubby were up until at least 2300, Bubby was fell asleep closer to midnight and wouldn’t lay down without Mr. Peabody and Sherman playing in the background. My husband and I couldn’t fall asleep either. He fell asleep around 0130 or so, but woke back up about an hour later then both of us fell asleep around 0330 (maybe).

My husband was probably restless because he had already slept for six or seven hours yesterday, I couldn’t sleep because, well, I’m nervous.

I’m a bit testy this morning… Ok, I’m more than testy, I’m very irritable. I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I just want my coffee, but I can’t have anything. My husband decides to make everyone Cream of Wheat, one of my favorite breakfast foods, and I can’t have any. He asks me to feed Littlest and I begrudgingly do so. I wasn’t planning on sitting at the breakfast table because I don’t feel like watching everyone else eat, but I did. At least for a little bit. Littlest already had some dry cereal because I didn’t know my hubby was going to make anything, so he wasn’t too interested in eating what was giving him so I told my husband he could feed him.

My husband had a tone in his voice as if he didn’t approve of that idea. He, rather shortly, told me to “go get ready then.” Now I’m even more irritated. This is why I didn’t want to be at the table. I have a bad habit of making a good day bad and a bad day even worse.

God I’m so freaking tired. I pray everything goes well and it’s just another routine tubal ligation.


What are Your Thoughts? Feelings? Ideas?

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