Tomorrow I Get My Tubes Tied

No more pregnancies for me (hopefully). I’m having some minor anxiety about my surgery, but overall I’m happy I’m getting it done (especially since my husband got a week off work to help with my recovery). And because I’m going through such an extensive* procedure, I get a few days off from working in the office (win!!).

On the downside of things, I feel another wave of depression coming on. It’s like I can see a storm in the not-so-far-off distance, the air is changing, the winds are picking up, there’s a definite drop in temperature, and if all is quiet enough, I can hear rainfall. I’m not in the throws of the storm, but I can feel it’s impact.

Back on a lighter note, my research on becoming a mortician is absolutely fascinating. I’m nervous about the thought of dealing with bodily fluids in a state of decay, the possibility of violent deaths, and especially dead children. The first two I’m moderately nervous about, but the latter is very upsetting. I’m about 95% sure I can deal with what’s in store, but there’s still that 5% of doubt. Regardless, I am excited for what the future holds.

Well, chores are calling, lot’s of things to do so I can have as much of a stress-free day as possible tomorrow. I’ll be back here later on. Good day all!

* This is noting extreme sarcasm as my procedure is minimally invasive and should take a mere 10 minutes.


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