Sia – Elastic Heart (Controversy)

I’ve watched this video three times in a row now and I love this video, especially the end. That’s when it becomes really powerful (in my opinion).


I also see the controversy here and when I first watched the video it made me a bit uncomfortable and kind of shocked me, but I think that’s what Sia was going for. I think they could have done the girl’s choreography a bit different, not so risque and suggestive, and Shia’s face seems to be portraying an emotion that’s suggestive, but honestly I think it just seems that way because of the girl’s choreography and the fact that when we (as a society/parents [of little girls]) see an older man with a little girl we tend to scrutinize the situation to see if it’s a father/daughter, brother/sister, predator/victim relationship.


The fact is, it’s an original video. Something we should appreciate because of the severe lack of originality that we are suffering from. This video feels very raw and evokes many emotions.


It’s also noteworthy that the nude colored leotard the little dancer, Maddie, wears was mentioned as inappropriate, yet she wears a nude colored leotard in the music video Chandelier and no one says a thing about that, they all just say how talented she is. And she is very talented. So while this video is shocking upon first viewing it, try to see the actual message Sia is trying to give us.


What are Your Thoughts? Feelings? Ideas?

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