The Cat Thinks He’s a People

I made up a “cave” for my kids from an old pack’n’play. I cut out the mesh from the smaller side, folded up a down-feather comforter, put a toddler mattress sized fitted sheet over it, and I (usually) put a blanket over the top to make it dark. They’ve brought pillows into it and typically their favorite stuffed animals to snuggle with and that’s their little hang out.

IMG_3203 IMG_3204

This turd ball has claimed that as his own bed. The dog goes in there too, but he’ll kick her out and sprawl out as shown above. When I take the sheet off to wash it, that only makes it more fun for him to be in:


Luckily he doesn’t swat at the kids or anything when they clamber over him to get comfy in their cave. He gives them a look that would maim them if looks had that ability, but he begrudgingly gets out and hides away somewhere else.

Well that’s all I can get written for now. As I type Littlest is trying his hardest to climb onto me and has nearly turned off my computer three times so good day to you all.


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