I’m Looking Into Becoming A Morgue Technician

Recently it has occurred to me that this could possibly be a career for me. I’m not sure how to explain it in a way that doesn’t make me look like a total weirdo, but I’ll try.

I’ve always been interested in the human body and how it all works. Death and what happens to our bodies when we die has also been an intriguing subject. Death has been a difficult thing for me to process. I know it sounds pretty absurd, but I have had the fortune of not dealing with a whole lot of death, not many people I was/am close with have died. Those whose funerals I’ve been to have been difficult for me to process. They look so peaceful, like they’re sleeping, so that’s exactly how my mind processes it. Like it’s not real. But I know it is…. See? Absurd.

This may make it sound like I have an aversion to death, but it’s the exact opposite. Dead bodies don’t disturb me. I’ve seen two freshly dead bodies when I was younger and I wasn’t sickened or disturbed, even though I was sure I should have been. The Victorian Era post mortem photos are an eerie fascination of mine. The only thing that honestly sickens and upsets me is a dead child. Those deaths are very hard for me to handle.

My desire for pursuing this field is so I can find out why/how the person died and hopefully bring a sense of comfort or at least closure to the family left behind. I’ve looked into requirements and I will eventually need schooling if I want to really advance, but starting out I can do it with just my high school diploma. If I get my start, by time my kids are in school I should be able to go to school myself.

My writing passion will still be my ultimate passion, but this field seems to suit me pretty well. Strangely, the idea of working in this field has been the only thing I’ve gotten excited about in a long time.

Hopefully I will know for certain if this is a job for me in the next few months. It sounds like we will finally be getting an answer from the Navy as to what our future holds.


5 thoughts on “I’m Looking Into Becoming A Morgue Technician

    1. I will definitely check that out when I’m on my computer. Thank you ^_^ and I’ve seen some articles and documentaries on what they do and in one I saw this guy with a huge, curved blade and he just stuck them into the bodies to drain them of fluids to get them ready for cremation. It was gnarly, but fascinating.


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