Well This is Awkward

I was about to go post on Facebook about how good it feels to have left Facebook and was sad when I remembered I deleted the Facebook app from my phone (as well as my entire account)….have I created a paradox?

I still feel good about leaving, but I don’t feel good that I can’t tell Facebook how good I feel about leaving. It’s kinda sad a pathetic lol


10 thoughts on “Well This is Awkward

  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA I did that the first time after I deleted Facebook from my phone as well! But don’t worry! It gets easier. And at least many of us still follow you on here so we’ll keep up with you! 🙂 Chin up doll. And don’t forget to write/text/call me. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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      1. If you’re able to keep the “withdrawal symptoms” at bay from staying off Facebook and don’t rejoin (unlike soooo many of us that have tried to delete only to rejoin a week or less later), you’ll find how much more you need to talk with the outside world. 😉

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      1. I I know… I am so close to shutting down my FB account… Hardly ever post but I am not sure if I can keep my Ammomasview account when shutting down my private one… Need to figure this out…

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      2. Yeah, I had a page and a private group connected to my account and I just shut them down. I’m making my new account into nothing more than updates on how my family, mainly my littles, are doing. Which means I’m probably going to get a bit more opinionated on here lol

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