I Don’t Do Rules.

I feel quite the same way. Maybe not to this extent, but pretty darn close.

Big Red Carpet Nursing

A bit of self-disclosure:

I don’t like rules.

Actually, I hate them, to be honest.

Authority aggravates me, unless it’s my own.

I think for myself, trust my own judgment. Right or wrong, certainly sometimes wrong, that’s my inclination.
I choose my work accordingly. I will not spend much time where others insist on setting my path. Such is quite intolerable. I find it, right or wrong, offensive.

I try to rein in this instinct as appropriate, but there it is.

I will not try to be who I am not.

I obey rules often, of course; not possible to get by otherwise. Don’t like it, but there we are. Life is full of hard decisions.

There are costs, risks, consequences.

So be it.

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