Daughter vs Spider

So this isn’t my normal spider tales, but this was just too funny and I had to share.

I’m sipping on my morning cup of coffee and my daughter was out playing in our garage/playroom when she bursts through the door, gets right in my face, and with a voice of urgency tells me, “Mommy! There is a SPIDER crawling on the ground and it’s gonna get Bubby’s drum set!! It’s SO close!”

I stare at her for a moment, trying to process what she has said. I take another sip of my coffee and groggily respond with, “Well, did you step on it?”

She hesitates before saying, “No. I never thought of that.” the she runs back into the garage and I return to my normal duties.

In a few minutes I hear a shrill cry followed by several stomps then a crash. She comes running back into the house screaming, “I missed it mommy! I missed it and it’s REALLY mad!”

“What was that crash I heard?” I’m still not really understanding what’s going on. People, I am not a morning person at all. I am barely considered human until 10am(ish).

“Well,” she begins to nervously tell me,”the spider was running to Bubby’s drum set and he went under the bench and was going to the drums! So I kicked it!” She said that last part with a sense of pride.

“Where is it now?”

“It’s um…. I don’t know. Let me go see.” She runs back out and I take a few more sips of coffee. Before long I hear another scream followed by a stomp, slam, pause….. scream, and a final stomp. Then all goes quiet.

Just as I’m about to get up to check things out my daughter comes bursting proudly through the door with a proud and smug smile and says, “I need to get a paper towel.”

“Oh yeah? Did you get it?”

“YEP! I saw it and I stomped on it, but I missed so I tried to hit it with my truck and I got it, but IT WAS STILL ALIVE!! So I stomped on it again and I got it.”

“Oh my little hero. You get a hot cocoa with extra marshmallows.”

She was very proud of herself and I was too. Hot cocoa well earned.


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