Chronicles of an Angry Daughter

So about an hour after I wrote Dear Dad and shared it on Facebook, one of his *ex girlfriends (who is friends with me on Facebook) messaged me and gave me words of comfort and encouragement. She also told me that my dad had contacted her and then suddenly dropped off the face of the Earth. When I asked her how long ago he had contacted her I was expecting to hear “roughly two years ago” ya know, the same time frame he stopped talking to me. Well she told me his last communication with her was two fucking weeks ago.

The last time I talked to him was two YEARS ago and last I heard he was living in Colorado, had a steady girlfriend, had his pinky toe and part of his foot amputated, and had been recently hospitalized for another bad case of a bone infection. NOW I come to find he moved back to California who fucking knows how long ago, apparently he and his girl broke up, and his entire foot has been amputated, but “he’s good now”….! WTF?!?! Does he contact me? NO. He wants to get in contact with an *ex girlfriend, but not his own fucking daughter?! The girl who has been trying and trying and TRYING to get in contact with him because she thought he had changed.

Joke’s on me.

Fuck you Dad Asshole!

*I’m not sure if she is actually his ex girlfriend, I’m just assuming (my dad was a bit of a womanizing prick) and if said ex is reading this post, I hold absolutely no animosity towards you. It is not your fault he is a jackass.


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