Parenting, You’re Doing It Differently and That’s OK!

I am SO sick of people judging others for trying to do the right thing. We are all living on this God forsaken planet together, raising our babies, etc. can’t we just get along? Here’s a few things about me that relate to what I’m talking about:

I circumcised my sons (GASP!!!) I know, I’m a terrible mother right? Cutting up my baby boys. How dare I. I did not circumcise my sons to make sex less pleasurable for them, to prevent them from masturbating, or because I think an uncircumcised penis looks ugly, I did it because I believe it is cleaner. I felt I did what was best for my sons and I chose to have it done while they were infants so they wouldn’t remember the pain. I cried while they were getting the procedure not because I felt I had done the wrong thing, but because I knew it was going to hurt. I did my research and I prayed about it. If I did the wrong thing I will answer for it in the afterlife, but until that day comes, I believe I did what was best for my sons.

I vaccinate my children. But lady, don’t you realize you’re poisoning your children? Uh, no. No I’m not. I’m protecting them from viruses that would make them sicker without the protection. Again, I have done research on them and I came to the conclusion that vaccinating is best. I spread them out as much as possible because too much of a good thing (especially in one sitting) can be a bad thing, but that fact remains I believe I am doing what is best for my children.

I use disposable diapers. Honestly, I would like to use cloth, but I don’t have the desire to deal with poop more than I have to and I would need two washing machines (one for the diapers and one for everything else) because even though I know the bacteria in feces can’t survive in the washer, I would never feel like it’s clean enough.

So now you know a little bit more about the terrible mother that I am. My best friend did not get her son circumcised and, you know what, we never talk about it. She knows I circumcised mine and I know she didn’t circumcise hers. That’s it. I know she is doing what she feels is best for her kids and vise versa. That’s all that matters.

I have a friend who chose not to vaccinate her son. I have not said one word to her about it. She knows I have my kids vaccinated. She has not said one word to me about it. We let our kids play together and nothing has happened because if one of our kids is sick we cancel the play date. Like smart people.

I have another friend who uses cloth diapers. She is kinda obsessed with them. It’s pretty funny and weird to me, but she loves them. Great for her, I commend her for having the stamina for all that. She has never said anything negative about me using disposable diapers.

You know why all my friends and myself have never said anything negative to each other about the things we do differently? It’s because we know we are all just trying to do our best. We love our family and we will protect them as best as we can and know how to do. We are here to help and support each other not bash each other into the ground because you’re doing it differently from me and I’m right and you’re wrong.

How I raise my kids has nothing to do with how you raise yours. Don’t tear me down just because you parent differently.


7 thoughts on “Parenting, You’re Doing It Differently and That’s OK!

      1. I hear ya!! Lord knows i dont really know what the hell im doing so even if i wanted to judge, i really cant LOL. I personally like hearing other points of view. Sometimes that helps me to make choices regarding my own family

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