Let Them Be Little

I have to remind myself to just let them be little all the time. They are little people with BIG emotions, BIG imagination, and BIG personalities. They are exploring, testing boundaries, figuring things out, questioning EVERYTHING, and, perhaps most importantly, they are entitled to their feelings and emotions no matter how irrational or trivial they may seem.

To help remind me to just let them be little, I made this my phone’s screen saver:


I often don’t realize that I sometimes have unrealistic expectations of my children. I think this is especially true of Sissy, my four year old daughter. She acts so grown up, she speaks very well, and she seems to have this wisdom about her at times that I forget she’s only four. She’s still learning even though she acts like she already knows everything. She’s very capable, determined, and independent, but she is still just a child. A young child.

I tend to get upset when Littlest drops his Cheerios, crackers, eggs, etc. on the floor or when Bubby makes an absolute mess on the table and down his front when eating cereal (or any meal really) or when Sissy is messing around with food on her utensils and it drops to the floor or when she goofs around instead of eating. In those moments it’s hard for me to remember they are just VERY active children and are craving stimulation. I try to find methods to get their brains working with different kinds of play, but they need something that also keeps them active. They have so much energy and I have so little I often just get frustrated and lie in wait, watching the clock to I can feed them and get them to their rooms for quiet time or bed time.

I get frustrated when they fight and bicker over toys so I take the toy away and then they are all crying broken hearted crocodile tears and I’m feeling guilty, but refuse to give into their demands. Being a Mommy is hard, especially when they get so mad at me they tell me they hate me which hurts my feelings and I’ll scold them for saying something so mean then send them to their room. After a little while I’ll go in and talk to them about how their words hurt others feelings and that it’s not nice to do. Sissy understands this, but Bubby is still too young and is just hurt because I yelled at him and punished him.

I have to remember that my children are a product of me which means they’ve inherited my stubbornness and my dislike of authority. This also means they will rebel if when given something to rebel against. They are not here for me to control or micromanage, they are here to learn from my mistakes and do it better than myself. They are my legacy, an extension of myself, but they are completely separate entities and it is my duty to guide them so they can make the right decisions on their own.

*Muttering to myself*
Let them be little
Let them be little
Let them be little

Let them make messes, mistakes, let them get booboos, let them learn, let them discover, let them cry, let them express themselves, let them be themselves…. Let them be little.


What are Your Thoughts? Feelings? Ideas?

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