Yu-Gi-Oh! Blegh!

Have I mentioned yet that I hate Yu-Gi-Oh! I can not stand the stupid game. I think it’s ridiculous that grown men play this child’s game that’s meant for 10-15 year olds. My husband is one of those grown men. It embarrassing me. It really does. I can’t grasp the fact that people have tournaments, regionals, nationals, and championship tournaments. It blows my freaking mind. So much money poured into these flimsy pieces of paper with pictures on them.

When I was younger, I collected Pokemon cards. All the cute ones I could find. It was super big while I was in grade school (along with marbles which I also collected). I never watched the show though. I’ve never really been into anime. I eventually lost interest in the cards (of which I had gained roughly 200 with very few repeating) and I gave them to my little sister. I had no idea they were for playing with, like Pokemon battle style. Something else I had no idea of was the fact that people (apparently) don’t grow out of these childish things.

Now I know what you’re thinking, This woman must not support her husband in his hobby. Well that’s only partially true. As much as I despise this pointless game, my husband enjoys it immensely and has ever since he was a very young boy. I have no desire to take this away from him, however I have a very hard time supporting him in this. Here are three main reasons why this is something that’s very hard for me to stand behind:

3. Our children are very young, very active, and not going to school. He has a job that comes before his family (not by his choice) and he works at night so it feels like he’s gone 18-20 hours a day. I need his help with the kids. While I love being a mother, being a stay-at-home- mom is not my forte. I want to work, but his schedule and my unwillingness to put them in daycare leaves me with very few options. He is far more patient with children than I am thus I long for his help more.

2. It takes a lot of time and money to do this Yu-Gi-Oh thing. He has to buy numerous packs in the hopes he’ll get the highly sought after cards so he can build a proper deck to either use, sell, or both. He’ll make multiple decks sometimes and some of these decks sell for $200-$800 or more! Then there’s the sorting of all the other cards, making tabs for specific cards with our label maker, alphabetizing, inventory, etc. If you enjoy the cards as much as he does, this is not a problem, but I hate them so doing all these things with him is mind numbingly boring and horribly tedious.

1. (The more important reason from my perspective) He never fully disclosed to me the depth his love for this game goes. He would mention is from time to time, but he never went to tournaments while we were dating or engaged or even during the first two years of our marriage. Most of his cards were stored at his grandmother’s house and I was never aware how large his collection was. I was never made privy to this information. I was never able to adjust to this during our trial time, and by that I mean dating/engagement.

It wasn’t until recently (about two years ago) I was made aware of just how far he wants to go with Yu-Gi-Oh. Just how much this card game means to him. I have tried and tired and TRIED to support him to the best of my ability, but in this case my best is well below satisfactory. The problem is I want to want to support him, that is I want to have the desire to support this endeavor, but I don’t want to support him. I don’t want anything to do with this game and I wish he would just grow out of it already. I don’t want to argue about it anymore, I don’t want anymore time or money put into it, and I especially don’t want our children to take up a liking for it.

I know, this sounds extremely selfish of me and I suppose you are right, but I am entitled to feel this way. Keep in mind, despite my disgust for it, I still am trying to accept it to the best of my abilities. As I write this, my husband is at a tournament an hour away from here. I wish he weren’t and I made my dislike known, but I assured him that I was fine with him going. He’s worked hard and he deserves to go off and enjoy himself, I just wish it were something else!

I guess I’ve gone on long enough. I’ve said what I needed to say to get it off my chest. I love him and I have no desire to take this away from him, I’m just having a hard time supporting him in this, but I will keep trying. I will also try to hold my tongue on this matter, but only this matter.


2 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh! Blegh!

  1. As with ALL hobbies and even work, you have to coordinate it to your schedule/lifestyle. To NO effect should he only be spending 2 hours or less with his family if he is able to be there for you more. Take my photography for instance. I limit the time I spend on the computer editing or working on marketing material to when either my husband and son are at school (and I have roughly 6 hours of ME time to allocate however I choose), or I limit my sleep (which admittedly comes with repercussions). However, since I work at night 7pm to 3-4am, I only have from 4pm-7pm to have with my son M-F; only One hour or so with my husband M-F since he doesn’t get home til around 6; and I have my weekends free unless I have photography sessions scheduled.

    Now, if you want to break down how that correlates, think of it this way, if your husband works 12 hour shifts, he should be able to spend roughly 2-4 hours with you and the kids and can still work on his hobby for 2-3 hours and still be able to have adequate sleep. His tournaments can be like my photography sessions on the weekends, keep the rest of the time completely free that he has unless there is a tournament.

    Marriage and family is about balance. If it means making a schedule to include Yu-Gi-Oh! then it comes to that. Clearly it’s making money, so I wouldn’t be “too” disdainful of it. HOWEVER, the fact it has taken over your life as well as his, you’re right, not kosher.

    And to be honest, it’s his passion, not yours, so if you don’t care or like it, that’s ok. My husband sometimes thinks I’m CRAZY for the things I buy in regard to photography, but he still supports me. He just generally doesn’t want to be apart of it either. So, you’re not alone!

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    1. I’m trying very, VERY hard to be supportive. We are now going to start selling cards on ebay to make extra cash and since I’m a stay-at-home mom I will be coordinating those sales. We are slowly turning it into a legit business and I am both excited and annoyed. But we need money so can’t be too picky.

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