“Bring on the Food Coma”

Words spoken by my husband as we watch our kids eat their favorite bits of ThanksGiving lunch. This is the one day a year we let them eat their favorite stuff without worrying whether they’re eating enough of this or that. We figure as long as their bellies are getting full with our home cooking it’s better than nothing. I am so thankful we were able to provide a wonderful meal. Things have been getting hard around here, but we pinched every penny we could to make this a wonderful day and I say mission accomplished.

We asked Sissy (my four year old girl) what she is thankful for and she began to list off everything she could think of. It melted my heart. Then I asked Bubby (my two year old boy) what he was thankful for and with a mouth full of stuffing he managed to say, “Stuffing! More stuffing?” lol that gave us a good laugh. Finally, Littlest (my 10 month old boy), this is his first Thanksgiving and he was able to enjoy every bit of it since he’s eating big people food now. His favorite (go figure) was the sweet potato casserole (I call them candied yams). I swear he ate half his body weight today. We watched him as he began to slip into sleepiness (which is when my husband uttered the words in the title). As we cleaned up, Littlest picked every last morsel he could and kept bobbing side to side trying his damndest to keep sleep away.

Finally we laid both boys in their beds and, for once, neither of them put up a fight. Sissy went quietly into her room for “quiet time” with her pencil and notebook (she’s learning to write her name so she can go to school ^_^ ) and now I’m sitting here, relaxing, blogging, and drawing while my husband slips into his own food coma and takes a nap. I might nap too, but right now I’m so overwhelmed with emotions (most of which are very positive) I’m fit to burst with tears of joy.

I’m so thankful I have my husband here, my children are happy and healthy, our cat seems to hate me a little less today, our dog is acting as though she died and went to heaven, and my depression seems to have lifted and I can truly enjoy all the blessings I have.

I hope everyone is able to find every bit of happiness they can and dwell in it for as long as you can.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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