The Fake Veteran

Picture courtesy of Shit My LPO Says

I came across this on Facebook today. This women is no Veteran. She is a boot camp washout. If she is truly suffering from PTSD and that caused her to fail bootcamp, I’m truly sorry, but she is still not a Veteran. I am a fucking Veteran. I went through bootcamp with mild PTSD, I made it out, I went to my command, and I served to the best of my abilities. She did no such thing. One fucking month of BOOTCAMP and you think you have the right to call yourself a Vet?

To be a Veteran you must serve 180 days as an active duty member. That would be SIX months, dear, not one. People like this really piss me off. They are doing it for the attention which only adds to the bad image of those who suffer from silent illnesses such as PTSD. I hope someone showed this broad the error of her ways because this is just fucking disgraceful.

Even though I am a Veteran, I don’t go around on Veteran’s Day expecting people to give me “thank you for your service” hand shakes or whatever. I rarely refer to myself as a Veteran because I was never in a war zone. I was on a Sub Tender in La Maddalena, Italy. I did my job and I did it well, but when push came to shove my hard work didn’t matter. I was ostracized, harassed, and raped by my “shipmates”. What happened to them? Nothing but a slap on the wrist. What happened to me? An Honorable Discharge under Medical Reasons. The military didn’t want to deal with the mental/emotional damage caused so they pushed me out. The joke is on them though because they still ended up paying for my therapy. Gotta love irony.

I paid my dues. I earned my right to be called a Veteran. This woman did not. Not by a long shot.

End Rant


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