So my car died…

Yeah while I was having a moment at Starbucks pouring my heart and soul into the Internet, my car decided to have her moment. She doesn’t like the cold.

So my poor husband is at home with three distraught children trying to cook dinner and find someone he trusts to come jump the car. I’m actually in a surprisingly giddy mood despite all this. Not sure why, but I’ve been laughing for a while.

I should note that before I found out the car wouldn’t start I discovered I have a gift card to my favorite hair salon that’s good for $120! So I booked an appt. My husband bout this gift card a year and a half ago and I lost it, but now it’s found. I got all excited, was gonna head home and… Click click click…

Good times. Oh also it’s 30 degrees outside and I didn’t bring a coat because 1. I thought we’d have moved before winter hit so I packed it and 2. I didn’t think I’d spend much time outside. Yay adventure!

One more thing! I found out I had been wearing my shirt inside out the whole freaking time! I was layered so I had a turtle neck on with a flowy tank top thingy over it and that tank top is what was inside out…sheesh, what a day.


2 thoughts on “So my car died…

    1. I know! I’m so excited I get to get my hair done next week! It’s been almost a year! And yeah, the shirt… Oi. I’m just glad it was a shirt that doesn’t look obvious it’s inside out haha


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