Our Good Samaritan

The man who came to my rescue and jumped my grumpy car has gone above and beyond for us this evening. After he gave me the jump I drove the car around for roughly 15 minutes just to get the ol’ girl’s “blood” pumping before I went back home. We have been living paycheck to paycheck these days and we aren’t able to pay him money for his troubles, so we offered him one of our bottles of liquor we have. I’m not much of a liquor drinker these days, but my husband likes to play bartender so we have quite the assortment of liquor.

Anywho, he takes the liquor and after he and my hubby catch up he leaves for home. About 20 minutes later he knocks on our door and asks for my husband. I let him in and he direct him to my husband’s office. After about five minutes he goes outside and hubby comes out telling me that his friend had brought us a new battery…. OMG What?!? He had no obligation what-so-ever to do this amazing act of kindness for us, and yet here he is, giving us something we’ve desperately needed for our car for over a year now.

It gets better:

Apparently our car has a safety feature (we were unaware of it because when we bought the [used] car it did not come with an owners manual) and that feature is when the battery is taken out the radio locks up and is unusable. Bummer. What does this guy do? He offers to try and fix it! He and hubby are outside right now trying to fix the radio. Again, something this guy (who has a wife at home) has no obligation to do, he’s doing it anyway.

Faith in Humanity: Restored!


2 thoughts on “Our Good Samaritan

  1. Every time the world gives us a reason to not be proud, someone stands out and makes it a little brighter. I would make sure we become friends for life. He’s the type of friends I like to be surrounded with: selfless.


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