Shots Fired at Groton Sub-base

So this happened this evening:

2 [NATL-CT] Naval Civilian Officers Hurt Confronting Knife-Wielding Man at Groton Base

This is the base where my husband works. He was leaving base mere minutes after this happened and this is where he is working right now. This happened an hour before he was due to report to duty. He was on base meeting up with a friend of his and as he was leaving he called me then he saw a bunch of cop cars coming and he had to let me go.

I found out about an hour after he left home what had taken place there. And now here I sit, watching Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 hoping it will give me enough warm and fuzzy feelings so I can get some sleep. Ugh.

I’ve texted my husband and all he could say was he can’t discuss it right now. I just pray nothing else happens tonight.



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