My Husband Kicked Me Out of the House (but not in the way you might think)

Today was my husband’s day off, but he had a few things he had to take care of and I was less than pleased because I was a wee bit hungover (someone remind me to fire him as my bartender). I’d like to make it clear, getting drunk is not something I normally do. I would prefer to sip on a glass of cheap wine, but he likes to make me strong drinks. He’s a very good drink maker, but he is a terrible bartender because he doesn’t cut me off even though he knows he should. Anyway, back to my point; He had things to take care of after breakfast this morning which meant I had to care for the kids all the while feeling as though I might puke.

I managed to do a little yoga with my very eager daughter, but was cut short because of my very impatient son. He was once again crashing into me to give me sticky hugs and morning breath kisses. My dog even joined in the fun. Very frustrating morning for me especially since I not only had to care for my kids, but I still needed to do dishes and laundry. Crap, I forgot to start the laundry.

When my husband came back we immediately started cleaning out the house. Getting rid of old things, packing up knick-knacks and clothes we won’t need all in preparation for a move we don’t know when will take place. After about an hour I realize it’s getting close to lunch time. I also realize I have yet to do the dishes at this point. Beaten down by the things I need to do I start to feel my emotions unravel and my husband is trying his best to keep it from happening.

Once dishes were done and lunch was getting made he had to, once again, run off to do something for his work, but soon came home, handed me some money and told me to get out of the house during quiet time. I didn’t question him, I took the money and immediately started planning what I’d do.

I am now being a total white girl cliche; sitting at Starbucks, drinking my vente salted caramel mocha frappaccino, typing away on my laptop, and enjoying the sunset as I people watch. I love to people watch. It’s easier to do in the middle of the day because you can wear your sunglasses so it’s not so obvious you’re watching people. Still, I love this. It’s peaceful. With my headphones in I can just drown out the world. I don’t have to engage in conversations, I can just be. I am, however, regretting the decision to sit outside. I didn’t bring a jacket because, for a fall day, it wasn’t too cold, but now that the sun has set my fingers are starting to go numb.

I’m very thankful my husband kicked me out of the house for a couple hours. I feel a little more human now.


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