Funny Boys

I heard my son Bubby talking in his room earlier so I went to check on him and realized he was talking to Littlest who’s across the room from him. Littlest is attentively listening to his big brother and Bubby sounds as though he’s complaining about…me. lol I’m not even kidding. He’s still pretty difficult to understand most times, but what I did hear was, “Mommy…. Took… Jacket. Took jacket. Mommy.” Yes, earlier I took off his jacket because he no longer had a need for it in our heated home. I know, I’m just terrible.

After a few minutes I peeked into the room and saw the Littlest is now laying down. Still awake, but laying down. Bobby is still babbling on about his stuffed animals and his…pillow I think. Then Bubby starts yelling “Baby! Baby wake up!” Yeah, Littlest had fallen asleep and Bubby was terribly offended by this. He is pouring his heart and soul to his baby brother and he has the audacity to fall asleep. Uh, rude!

Finally I had to go in there and talk with Bubby so he’d stop trying to wake up the baby. We systematically went through his stuffed animals, he’d say who or what they are and I’d make the appropriate noise followed by me tickling him with them. I pile the animals around him one-by-one and then I put his pillow on top. Yes, I know, it’s really weird, but he sleeps under his pillow and don’t you dare cover his feet. They have to be free.

After I’m sure he’s settled enough for me to walk out of the room, I turn around to do so when I see two eyes staring at me. Littlest had woken up and had a look of expectation in those big eyes. I walked over to his crib, he rolled onto his tummy and tucked his little legs under him so I pulled his blanket over him and rubbed his back for a little bit. He loves to have his back rubbed.

Finally they were both content enough to allow me to leave the room. I love my boys, they are so silly and bright. They are going to be Partners In Crime. I have no doubt of this and when they push me to the edge I’ll remember this night and have a good laugh before I ground them for eternity lol.


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