Beautiful Torture (a.k.a. Yoga)

Trying something new I decided to do some yoga with my kids. Well, mainly my daughter. She has a lot of energy and literally runs circles in this house, so I thought yoga would be a good way for her to focus her energy and it’s great exercise.

She loved it from the get-go, but not so much my son, Bubby. He thought the breathing exercises were fun because we were raising our arms in the air making large, slow circles, but once we got into the different positions he kept crashing into my giving me hugs and kisses. Littlest had escaped his bumble chair and began crawling all around me, and my wrists and knees were killing me. I had only been at it for 20 minutes. Oi. My daughter is still going strong while I sit here on my butt doing nothing. Yeah, I’m feeling real good about myself right now lol.

My joints are terrible. I should not be dealing with this kind of joint pain at my young age of 26, but I do. My wrists have always been problematic because both of them have Ganglion Cysts which usually aren’t painful, but they severely prohibit mobility and the more I write or, in this case, support my weight with my wrists the more it hurts.

I also suffer from Osgood-Schlatter. I developed it when I was 10 and it makes being on my knees extremely difficult and often painful. Basically I’m a total mess and yoga just isn’t for me lol.

I’m still going to try it though. Even if it’s for 10-20 minutes a day. Something is better than nothing, right?


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Torture (a.k.a. Yoga)

  1. Sorry to hear about your pain! That sounds awful. Maybe try going to a yoga class – they would give you some modifications for your wrists and knees so that you can still experience it. Dolphin pose is a good swap for downward dog, the pressure goes into your forearms instead of wrists. Good luck!

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    1. With three extremely active little people, 10 minutes is probably about the only realistic time goal I’ll achieve lol. Even though I didn’t get to do it that long, what I did do actually made me feel really good. My back isn’t as stiff and my hips aren’t aching to bad so I definitely recommend yoga lol.

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