The Waiting Game

I feel like I’m staring at a broken clock expecting it to tell me the correct time.

My husband failed his weigh in, as we knew he would because he’s had an injured foot for months leaving him incapable of working out properly. But we still don’t know if they’ll keep him in or kick him out. We’ve been in limbo since July. Honestly, I no longer care what the hell happens. Kick him out. Keep him in. I don’t care, just TELL US! I need to know what to plan and prepare for because trying to plan out and prepare for an infinite number of scenarios is exhausting and ridiculous and all it’s doing is making my anxiety worse.

We were supposed to find out on Wednesday then we were supposed to find out today. It’s been like this since July. Every week we wonder if this will be the week we find out what the hell is going to happen to us. And it never is.

Now we wait until they call my husband in. They may let him plead his case which may lead them to let him stay in OR they may say screw you, you’ve had your chances, get the hell out. Either way we’ll be fine. Just call him in and let us freaking know already!!!


What are Your Thoughts? Feelings? Ideas?

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